Dating antique wine bottles

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Dating antique wine bottles

Equally interesting to us are cathedral paper sauce bottles.

Pickle Bottles: Often decorated with embossed designs appearing like cathedral windows, these 19th Century pickle jars are just one sort of early food bottle we seek.

Frequently, poison bottles have sharp, embossed points or lines on them to warn that the contents of the bottle could be fatal.

Unusual shapes such as triangles and even coffins were used for this same purpose.

Perhaps it may say something like Valentine Blatz Brewing Company or Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company.

The bottle may be embossed with the word BREWERY or the word BOTTLING.

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Figural Bottles: Old figural bottles come in many colors and shapes. Two brands of bitters were marketed in bottles shaped as pigs: BERKSHIRE BITTERS AND SUFFOLK BITTERS.

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