Persona 4 dating chie

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Persona 4 dating chie

Minako is somewhat less outwardly bisexual than Aigis, however she does still have a romance with Aigis and a heavily implied romance with Mitsuru.

These interactions are natural and considered positive.

The only real homosexual crush that Kanji develops is on the protagonist, Yu, through his Social Link.

Even then, Kanji never outwardly states these feelings and, ultimately, they are unrequited.

Kanji is probably the most negatively portrayed LGBT character in Persona, however, he is the only character who directly addresses his homosexuality and therefore the audience sees him as the most prominent LGBT representation.

Whether you choose a male or female player character, following Aigis’ Social Link will cause her to fall in love with you.

While I don’t know if a bisexual robot is the most progressive character ever, I found Aigis to be a positive portrayal, except when she claims that she wishes she was male so that she could to be with Minako.

Even though a lot of the eroticism could be portrayed as admiration, or pseudo-crushes, some of these are still notable.

Also, there are characters who actually deal with LGBT issues, though unlike most media, Persona used to deal with LGBT issues a lot better in the past compared to how they deal with them now.

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Also, to make the portrayal even more negative, one of the other playable characters, Yosuke, consistently makes fun of Kanji’s homosexuality throughout the story.

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