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Collectively, U (with the “^” positioned directly over the “x”) is the proper term for the Native people of the Aleutian region.Artifacts found in the archaeological site at Margaret Bay were ancient at the time the Egyptians were building the first step pyramids.Much of the land OC owns is undevelopable given the terrain of the islands, but the land within the city limits was well chosen by early leadership. OC is the major land owner in Unalaska, also known as the #1 fishing port in the nation in volume and value for about the past ten years.Site work done during World War II set the stage for development in later years. OC leases land to commercial and residential interests — some short-term and some long-term.In addition to its contributions to Unalaska City School, Ounalashka Corporation has formed a foundation to provide scholarships for post-secondary education to its shareholders and their descendants. Mc Curdy Scholarship Foundation, named after a founding director and former teacher, also provides funding for OC’s Mentoring Program.This program identifies and trains qualified shareholders or shareholder’s descendants for positions in management at the corporation.OC contributes annually to charitable organizations that benefit its shareholders and the community of Unalaska as a whole.OC makes monetary and in-kind contributions to the Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska, the Unalaska City School for many programs, the Museum of the Aleutians, Unalaskans Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence, the Holy Ascension Orthodox Cathedral and its Council, and Unalaska Seniors, to name a few beneficiaries.

It is the Board of Directors’ policy to lease only.Under Russian control, the were consolidated into fewer and fewer communities to expedite the efficiency in which the Russians could take advantage of their hunting skills.The decline of the Unangam population was rapid and occurred for varied reasons, from out-and-out genocide to contact diseases brought by the newcomers.Lease terms range from month-to-month rentals for apartments and units in Kashega Ministorage to very long-term leases of 50 years.OC’s net profit reached a record 34.5% of revenue at year’s end in 2000.

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Russian Orthodox missionary Father Ioann Veniamenov (canonized in 1977 as Saint Innocent) arrived in Unalaska for pastoral appointment on July 24, 1824. The build-up began in 1941 and the influx of construction crews and armed forces personnel forever changed the face of the village.