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You will never know what will happen so you cannot really create the most appropriate pickup line.

More major Hivemind organs are beginning to accept, or at least grapple with, some core concepts of Game and how men and women interact in the flesh when they aren’t being prodded to chant equalist talking points. Mystery Method, first edition, is a compendium of truths about the sexual marketplace and women’s romantic natures that will never go out of style.

Negs | Mystery Method | David Deangelo | Cocky and Funny | Christian Carter | Seduction Guide How to Talk to Women How to Pick Up Women How to Meet Women How to Attract Women How to Approach Women Rori Raye Ross Jeffries | Derek Vitalio - Pick up Artist - Neil Strauss - Mens Dating Tips Double Your Dating Paul Janka Speed Seduction 2 Girls Teach Sex The basic building block for everything we do is the M3 model.

The model is a guide to what you should be doing at any given time with a woman, and when you should move on to the next phase.

Otherwise you "stale out" in her eyes and make yourself nervous.

Convey minimal interest: Don't walk straight up to her.

First, we'll lay out the basic framework with a couple of tips, and then over the next few issues, we'll go into details.

Don't start seducing her until you're somewhere where you can finish the job.Each of these has three phases, which we have numbered 1 through 3.Here is the full list: ATTRACT 1 (or A1): Opening ATTRACT 2 (or A2): Female-to-male attract phase (often called "attracting")ATTRACT 3 (or A3): Male-to-female attract phase (or "qualifying")COMFORT 1 (or C1): Connection COMFORT 2 (or C2): Trust COMFORT 3 (or C3): Intimacy SEDUCTION 1 (or S1): Arousal SEDUCTION 2 (or S2): Last-minute Resistance SEDUCTION 3 (or S3): Sex We observe time and time again that successful courtships go through these nine phases in this order: A1 (Opening): Obviously you have to initiate a conversation (or bait her into initiating one) before you can go anywhere.Otherwise, what will happen is she will be interested in you (because of what you did in A2), and once you express interest in her, she'll often back off.She's interested in you because your A2 behavior suggested that you are the coolest guy ever. don't spoil the pick-up for her by making it too easy! If you are "easy", she will know she has misjudged you and move on.

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