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Furniture updating

Но и конечно же, по мимо этого, так же добавилась мебель, которой не было в предыдущих версиях.К примеру, появились другие стулья, тумбы, лампы, компьютеры и много чего другого.

Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield painted this foyer wall a serene sage green to highlight the lovely off-white Sunset mirror and an Asian-inspired console.I've taken a plain pine chest of drawers from a junk shop and done a simple, cottagey finish with milk paint.Start with a base in Swedish blue-gray and lightly brush over it with white, pulling back with steel wool in spots to reveal more color." -Brian Mc Carthy "I designed that secretary a few years ago for myself, and now it's part of our furniture line. First, you must lightly sand all the surfaces of the wood to be painted. To paint a chandelier, you obviously have to take it down first. Not only is the mix of painted and unpainted more interesting, but also the unpainted tabletop is lower maintenance because chipping could occur with heavy wear. Painting wood furniture is not rocket science, but it’s important to do this right. Use a high gloss paint for a modern look, semi-gloss for a classic look, flat for a country/rustic look. After the paint has cured a couple of days, I like to apply a few coats of car wax or furniture paste wax to protect the finish. Notice that we decided to spray paint the chandelier, as well.

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In this case, I chose an almost-black color to bring this early-80’s room up to the current era.

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