Www lavendergirlsdating com

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Www lavendergirlsdating com

She invited somebody to celebrate my birthday with us. The girls haven’t even started and my dick is already as hard as a motherfucking rock!My girl is bisexual, and I knew she had a girlfriend before me, but I never met her, I just heard the countless lesbian sex stories that would make my imagination fly high!The girls start making out right there in the living room in front of me, stripping down to their sexy lace lingerie while kissing passionately and touching each other.My girlfriend was munching on her ex’s tits, sucking her puffy nipples with her pierced tongue while I watched. I didn’t hesitate to come close and watch my girlfriend’s tits crush hers. I looked in amazement as my babe was making love with a girl. Her hot friend quickly helped her to pull her thong off as she slid her hands all over my girlfriend body, to her now exposed pussy and her tits. Both naked girls got on top of the counter, eating each other out in a kinky 69! They had their arms wrapped around each other and they were eating and licking their cunts, grinding their bodies against together. After seeing these two lesbians 69 on the kitchen counter my cock began throbbing with the anticipation of what was about to happen.She jumped on my cock and bounced up and down, her pussy was so fucking wet and tight!NAKED GIRLS GETTING THEIR PUSSIES FUCKED, SWAPPING CUM AND LICKING CREAMPIES: My girlfriend’s lesbian girlfriend didn’t only look insanely sexy. That lesbian was incredibly good at riding my cock!!!A huge wave of electricity overtakes her young body. He spreads her legs wide open and rubs his hard cock up and down her wet slit, making her beg for it repeatedly before ramming it deep inside her cunt and pounding her hard in missionary position.This horny young girl is really working on his huge cock, she is sucking and swalloing it like a possessed woman. Her little pussy is so tight and the burglar makes slow movements at first, and then fast, deep thrusts, pounding his giant dick very deep into her body.

She can feel the tip of his tongue climbing inch by inch from her sensitive young pussy and up her abdomen and chest.I stood proudly with my erection pointing up like a flagpole. She grabbed it with both hands and began sucking it furiously while her ex ate her out from behind.Her lesbian friend was a little embarrassed but continued to fuck her from behind with her tongue. I looked in amazement as my cock slid between the girls’ lips.It was an erotic moment, they were kissing, swapping cum, shooting it back and forth in their mouths, licking each other’s face. This beautiful blond is finger fucking her pussy, spreading her pink lips, massaging her anus, fondling her clit, fantasizing about man’s hands on her tiny body, caressing her and then fucking her hard, filling her young vagina with hot, fresh cum.Meanwhile a horny, hung burglar breaks in and spies on her as she masturbates herself in bed.

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When the girl opens her eyes, she sees the masked man aiming at her naked body with a flashlight!

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