Tabula rasa patch not updating

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Tabula rasa patch not updating

"From a fiction standpoint, the one thing we didn't want to do was medieval fantasy," he says."We've all been doing medieval fantasy for 25 years, and almost every MMO is medieval fantasy - so that was the one thing we weren't going to do." Instead, Tabula Rasa is a near-future science fiction story, set in a universe where the earth has been attacked by a nasty alien race called the Bane.Those choices can have major ramifications further down the line in the game, a system which is occasionally found in offline RPGs but has rarely strayed online.While that's certainly a welcome twist to the genre, our interest is piqued most of all by the claim that Tabula Rasa will deliver fast-paced, tactical combat - something which seems far out of reach for existing MMO titles."Those fundamentals are serviceable, clearly - I mean, the genre has grown immensely, in spite of the fact that I think that the type of features which we offer players have not evolved very much." "That's really the idea with Tabula Rasa.In fact, the whole name of the game - Tabula Rasa, blank slate."You could put a black cloth over the top two-thirds of the screen, and watch only your text window and your shortcut bar - and play the rest of the game until the combat is done." "In our mind, that's an example of a world not being set up correctly.

However, given that Garriott is best known for the medieval fantasy of the Ultima series, it's an indication of how far he's prepared to depart from his "comfort zone" with the new game.

The whole point is to wipe the slate clean." Okay, so that's the election pitch - but so far, so rhetoric.

Wiping the slate clean is all very well, but what does Richard Garriott plan on building in its place?

When he talks about the changes that have taken place in the market since his last title, he's certainly impressed by the commercial success.

He's full of praise for Wo W, up to a point, describing it as a "wonderful product" and noting Blizzard's talent for "polish" - but on a very basic level, Garriott almost seems disappointed at how little the genre has evolved since UO.

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We appreciate a man who dismisses every MMORPG on the market at present as "manic level grinding, keep up with the Joneses, turn-based whack-a-mole" (owch!

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