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Lebron dating

After being engaged for a year and a half, Le Bron and Savannah finally made it official in a three-day party! She also admitted that her little boys like the beds best — “because they can jump on and off of them.” So now that you know Savannah a little better, don’t you think she and Le Bron are the cutest?! He proposed on New Years Eve in 2011, surrounded by some of his teammates, shocking and impressing her! “I designed every piece for a different reason and purpose, so I love each one,” she told Capitol File.

Lambo claims he and Flo were once on the same record label (Poe Boy Records) but Flo was "stealing my sh*t" ... so they had a falling out -- and now, the beef has spilled over to social media. "The last time this clown [Flo Rida] had a lil swagger in him is when I was on the label and he was stealing my sh*t," Lambo said. he also said Flo is a "clown" who "can't dress" -- and to make his point, he posted this pic (see below). Le Bron James is thought of as one of the best basketball players of all time and especially one of the best in the new era of professional basketball. Recently he has announced that he is going back to Cleveland, which is his hometown.This will give him the opportunity to be close to his family again.

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Le Bron James Rumored Girlfriend Amber Rose January 2010 There were allegations that these two had a fling in the beginning of 2010 though this was never confirmed.